Support Removal

Proprietary Software

We first understand the 3D printing methodology, material and geometry and then apply our multiple technologies, including energy optimization, tightly controlled heat, constant flow and variable revolutions per minute to precisely target and remove supports.

Advanced Hardware

With traditional hardware, technicians with gloved hands use high-pressure hoses to spray off supports, or a technician manually chips away at supports. Our machines offer virtually hands-free operation and limited technician attendance. Developed for all 3D materials, our wide range of machines accommodates different part sizes and volumes.

Eco-Friendly Consumables

Our detergents are the final component of our end-to-end solution. They work in conjunction with our software and hardware to complete automated and intelligent support removal. Our pre-mixed, aqueous-based detergents optimize and expedite the removal of supports while leaving the build material in perfect condition.

All Process

Support Removal, plus Part Rinsing, and Part Drying.  

BASE and DECI-5 Models are Ideal for removing supports from all 3D printing technologies including: Metals, FDM, SLS, SLA, PolyJet, MJM, Multi Jet Fusion and more.     

All Process models provides delicate to robust Automated support removal with higher throughput using 360-degree spray agitation to ensure complete part coverage. By combining patent-pending Agitation Algorithms™ with precisely controlled energy and exclusive detergents. 

The BASE All Process delivers consistent hands-free support removal from 3D printed parts. The BASE comes with a built-in rinse capability to ensure detergent and residue are eliminated after the supports have been removed and a viewing window into the LED lighted chamber.     

BASE processed parts do not wick liquids or wax, allowing for ship ready, or meeting ready, 3D printed parts.

Production Series

Volume Production Support Removal

When throughput is essential the DECI and CENTI Single Process is engineered to meet the demands of volume production while ensuring consistency of every part.  

The DECI and CENTI removes supports from the following 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLS, SLA, MJF, Polyjet and more.     

The DECI Single Process Support Removal system integrates multiple technologies. Agitated flow is essential to effectively remove supports & is done with a sink-float process to rotate parts in the chamber. This variable motion combined with optimal energy delivery & detergent filtration results in fast & uniform support removal.     

The DECI Single Process integrates noise reducing features for a low dBa ensuring that minimal noise is added to the production floor environment. The DECI Single Process has a fully insulated tank to keep temperature consistent for energy efficiency.

We offer the DECI Single Process in four models, including two types of agitation: DECI-1 & DECI-2 single (flow) and DECI-3 & DECI-4 dual (flow and ultrasonics)

Design Series

Designed for low volume and high value

We automate the support removal process so you can focus on designing and building the next game-changing 3D part.

The MILLI rand MICRO removes supports from the following 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLS, SLA, PolyJet, MJF and more.

Utilizing our proprietary software, the MILLI Support Removal combines multiple forms of customized agitation and optimized energy. Paired with our exclusive detergents and given the right amount of time and the exact temperature based on the material and geometry of the 3D printed part, the MILLI Support Removal delivers precise, hands-free support removal from 3D printed parts.

All of our machines, including the MICRO and MILLI Support Removal, provide a low dBA feature for lower noise on the production floor – “library quiet” as we like to call it.

Automated, Fast

5 to 50 times faster support removal.

Spray systems with automated rinse and drying of FDM parts so you can ship or meet today.

Labor free, fast.

Removes MJP wax supports and infiltration in a single, automated process. No more ovens or oil baths.

Eliminate broken parts

Clean even the most delicate Polyjet part hands free, automatically.