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hp 5200 series 3d printer

Unleash new growth and scale production with HP's most advanced plastics 3D printing solution

The power to grow and transform your business has never been greater with this unprecedented combination of manufacturing predictability, breakthrough economics, and access to new applications and markets.  

Manufacturing predictability 

Produce functional parts with detailed quality, optimal yield, dimensional accuracy, repeatability, and best-in-class isotropy-all at industrial-level OEE. 

Breakthrough economics

Maximize your productivity with consistent print times-for any type of part-centralized production management, streamlined workflows, and new flexibility and agility. 

Expand into new applications and markets 


Deliver a wide range of applications in a variety of markets with new levels of repeatable accuracy, best-in-class economics, new materials-including TPU1-and a solution that addresses sustainability.

Expand into mid volume production


HP 5200

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