About Us

We Know 3D Printing

Tekpro have installed and supported over 700 3D Printers. 

Support Removal and Finishing of 3D printed parts has been the ugly side of 3D printing - until now.

Hands free, automated part finishing and support removal of virtually all 3D printer technologies - Metal, FDM (including ULTEM) Polyjet, SLS, Multi-Jet (no more wax!), DMLS, etc., etc. Spray (no soak) and immersible systems available. 

We Make 3D Printed Parts Better

Need an excellent surface finish? STOP the handwork and/or using messy environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

From 1 to 100,000 3D Printed parts? 

Hands free, automated, repeatable, consistent finishing of parts using our "library quiet" equipment.

Clean, Green, Safe

Compliance and Stewardship in One Smart WasteWater Process.

Wastewater treatment is an essential function to protect the environment and allow manufacturers to meet their safety standards. Post-processing of additive manufactured parts produces micro-sized particles of media and material debris. Untreated discharge into the waste stream may be in violation of state and local ordinances. Our solution offers environmentally friendly recirculation and/or disposal of wastewater.

We Know Sheet Hydroforming

Tekpro have been providing Triform Hydroforming systems for over 6 years. Our customers include military, government and aerospace.

Short to Medium run part production

Triform manufacturing solutions are frequently used in the aerospace & defense industries where short-to-medium run part production is common. These machines are also optimal for job shops where tools may be changed multiple times every hour to accommodate high mix production.  

Experts from the automotive, medical, lighting, energy, and oil & gas industries are also discovering the competitive advantages our precision forming solutions provide.

A few advantages of our Triform line of manufacturing equipment:

  • Inexpensive tooling 
  • Reduced finishing work on parts 
  • Decreased scrap rates 
  • Less reliance on skilled labor