Fluid Cell Hydroforming
Deep Draw Hydroforming
Triform presses have been engineered using the latest technology. Modern design software, state-of-the-art hydraulics, and computer-driven controls provide the user with tremendous capability in an easy-to-operate package.
Triform Sheet Hydroforming Presses produce precise tolerance parts utilizing single tool technology. The flexible rubber diaphragm in the machine acts as a universal female. A single operation can form stepped, irregular shaped parts that would require multiple steps with traditional press operations. Each of our Triform Presses offer:

      CNC Controls for repeatable forming
      Infinite life press design
      Portable, requiring no pit or foundation
      Fast, accurate and repeatable parts
      Eliminate or reduce costly handwork
Triform hydroforming improves part quality and reduces rejection rates. Torn or wrinkled parts are easily eliminated with simple programmable pressure and punch position (on Deep Draw models) adjustments. The advanced computer-controlled platform gives the operator the ability to manipulate the process variables throughout the forming cycle. And, once the optimal recipe for a particular part has been determined, it can be saved and repeated consistently, even on different Triform presses.

Triform press parts are produced with a smooth, uniform, scratch-free surface, typically requiring no additional finishing. By eliminating the need for secondary buffing, polishing and other hand work - caused by the marring and scuff marks left by traditional matched dies - labor costs can be significantly reduced. Many parts can even be painted before being formed, without damage to the surface finish.
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Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming:
Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming:
Ideal alternatives to traditional rubber pad forming, Fluid Cell models use the downward pressure of the bladder to form the material around an unsecured tool placed on the flat surface of the lower platen.
For deep drawn parts or those with complex curved geometries, our Deep Draw models use a punch cylinder (on which the tooling is attached) that extends upward during the bladder pressurization to draw the material into the bladder and form the part.
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